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Natural Sweetner

Natural & Chemical free Jaggery Block

(5 customer reviews)

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Reasons To Love

  • Chemical free
  • No added Sugar and colours
  • Rich in taste, Minerals and antioxidants
  • No Adulteration, Preservatives and chemicals
  • Good for Digestion

About Product

Your child is sure to love this Natural & Chemical free Jaggery Block and you will be happy to find a healthy treat instead of chocolate for him and you. We make jaggery with naturally grown sugar cane using traditional methods (known as Gurhal in Marathi), without Colours, raw sugar or pre-treatment agents. So lets try it out!

1. As jaggery is made with traditional process its soft in nature so it can easy break down.
2. Jaggery is hygroscopic so it will carry moisture immediately so it may become moist.
3. Jaggery has its own colour and its because of the air and iron contact which leads into oxidation
4. Store in dry cool and airtight container

Jaggery made with Natural Sugarcane
Three things that make us unique: First, we source our ingredients directly from farmers across India to ensure the best quality. Second, we go beyond just selling products by providing a platform for safe and effective health solutions based on Ayurveda and Indian traditions. Third, we believe in KARMA. Our Team share their expertise with customers and empower them to take care of their own health with the best and most natural solutions.

5 reviews for Natural & Chemical free Jaggery Block

  1. Rahul Singh

    Delighted with this jaggery block, Nice to have a healthy sweetener option at home, thanks

  2. Sunita Sharma

    Dissolves quickly, tastes great in my morning chai. No weird smell or taste, just pure jaggery goodness.

  3. Deepak Kumar

    Using this jaggery block to make sweets. Didn’t find any impurities, Dissolves well.

  4. Pooja Shah

    Sweet satisfaction without the chemicals, Elevates my desserts to a whole new level.

  5. Aisha Khan

    My family swears by a natural remedy for sore throats a warm cup of water with a spoonful of jaggery. This chemical free jaggery dissolves easily and provides a soothing sweetness that helps ease the discomfort. It’s a natural alternative to syrups that are often loaded with artificial ingredients.

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Why jaggery is better than sugar?
Jaggery provides plant-based iron, though one serving might not fulfil your daily needs. Swapping refined sugar for jaggery boosts your iron intake, potentially lowering your risk of anaemia.
Is jaggery good for high BP?
Jaggery offers a rich source of potassium, potentially aiding heart function and blood pressure regulation. Its magnesium content could also help protect blood vessels, potentially reducing the risk of cardiac diseases.
Does jaggery improve digestion?
Jaggery is known for boosting Agni, the digestive fire, and increasing appetite with its warming properties. Ayurveda also regards it as an effective digestive stimulant and appetizer.
Does jaggery increase immunity?
The zinc and other minerals found in jaggery can potentially enhance immunity. Consuming jaggery in moderation may aid in managing constipation, relieving stomach pain, and improving digestion. It might also help regulate the menstrual cycle by promoting the release of endorphins.

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