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Cold Pressed Oil

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Wood Pressed)

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Reasons To Love

1. Traditionally Processed
2. Free from Cholesterol and transfat
3. Rich in taste and Aroma
4. No Adulteration, Preservatives and chemicals
5. Used Finest quality Natural ingredients
6. Loaded with childhood memories and love


About Product

Did you know that sunflower oil has its own aroma, flavour, and colour? If not, then you are missing a pure and healthy form of sunflower oil that we produce on wood press Ghani (cold press) with the best quality sunflower seeds from Karnataka and Maharashtra. This results in making our Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Wood Pressed) easy to digest and good for frying.

1. Since this product is made using traditional methods with natural ingredients in small batches, you may observe variations in colour, taste, viscosity, aroma due to raw material variation, but there will be no change in quality and it is 100% safe for consumption.
2. The shelf life of the product depends on the storage conditions. For longer shelf life, shop the product in a dark and cool place and avoid contact of water with the product.
3. At the bottom of the bottle (container) you can observe that oil seed particles settle, which is natural.
4. In our experience, the amount needed is less than refined oil, but it depends entirely on your control over its use.
5. Each oil has its own flavour, colour and Aroma. The oil will form some foam and smoke during frying, which is completely normal
6. We have taken care to use food grade plastic, but still ask you to transfer the oil to steel containers to avoid the smell of plastic if you keep it on the shelf for more than 3 months

Cold pressed Sunflower Oil
Three things that make us unique: First, we source our ingredients directly from farmers across India to ensure the best quality. Second, we go beyond just selling products by providing a platform for safe and effective health solutions based on Ayurveda and Indian traditions. Third, we believe in KARMA. Our Team share their expertise with customers and empower them to take care of their own health with the best and most natural solutions.

5 reviews for Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil (Wood Pressed)

  1. Aditya Verma

    This oil is so fresh, can definitely tell the difference. perfect for everyday cooking.

  2. Devraj Malhotra

    Arrived well packaged and fresh, pleasantly surprised by the quality, will definitely repurchase.

  3. Vikram Mehta

    I used to avoid deep-frying because of the greasy mess and the questionable health benefits. But with this cold-pressed sunflower oil, everything changed! My homemade fries and onion rings come out crispy and golden brown, without a hint of greasiness. Now I can indulge occasionally without the guilt.

  4. Nisha Rao

    Food cooked with this oil feels lighter and less greasy compared to regular sunflower oil. It’s a welcome change, especially for heavier meals. Knowing I’m getting a good dose of Vitamin E with every use makes me feel good. It’s a win-win for healthy cooking and getting essential nutrients.

  5. Arjun Khanna

    This oil seems to last a surprisingly long time, even with regular use. which is perfect for my stir fries and other high-heat cooking applications. The oil is light and doesn’t overpower the flavor of my food. I appreciate the fact that this oil has a simple, clean ingredient list. Just pure sunflower seeds, nothing artificial It’s a great choice for those who prioritize quality and flavor.

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How do you know if sunflower oil is cold-pressed?
Cold pressed sunflower oil is light golden. When unfiltered, it may appear cloudy. On the other hand, sunflower oil processed chemically tends to have a lighter colour.
Is sunflower oil good for hair?
Due to its rich fatty acid content, sunflower oil offers excellent emollient advantages. Emollients form a protective shield to hydrate, soften, and sleek the hair. Its lightweight consistency helps ease penetration into the hair shaft, effectively sealing in moisture to combat dryness and damage.
Does sunflower oil lower cholesterol?
Sunflower seeds contain high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, notably linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is utilized by your body to produce a hormone-like substance that relaxes blood vessels, & reduces blood pressure. Additionally, this fatty acid aids in lowering cholesterol levels.
Is it OK to use sunflower oil every day?
As a replacement for other dietary oils, adults must incorporate 1.5 tablespoons of high-oleic acid sunflower oil into their daily consumption.

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