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Homemade Spices & Salt

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Explore our Homemade Spices, which ensures a diverse palette of flavours for every culinary need, ranging from the immune-boosting turmeric powder to our Biryani Masala, which makes your Biryani flavorful & will steal everyone’s heart.
And you can never go wrong with Grandma’s classic Goda Masala, which promises to enhance your dal’s flavour. If you crave a spicy curry, try our Kala Masala, enriching both veg and non-veg dishes with its blend of 32 hand-picked whole spices, chilli, dry coconut, garlic, and onion.

When you use homemade spices, it’s like blending a variety of flavours that truly delight your senses but, the key to elevating your meals also lies in the quality of your oil. Opt for the rich depth of Cold pressed mustard oil or the light, nutty notes of Wood pressed sunflower oil to enhance the flavours of your dishes!

These spices are traditional age-old recipes of many Indian households, try these Homemade Spices and taste the difference.

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