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Homemade Spices & Salt

Soonth Powder (Homemade)

(5 customer reviews)

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  • Pure form
  • Handpicked Ingredients
  • No Added colours

About Product

Ginger is one of the healthiest and flavorful spices that secure an important place in Ayurveda. Regular use of dry ginger powder can cure a number of health ailments. Our Soonth Powder (Homemade) can be used from treating headaches to issues related to digestion, ginger has proven clinical and medicinal properties.


Three things that make us unique: First, we source our ingredients directly from farmers across India to ensure the best quality. Second, we go beyond just selling products by providing a platform for safe and effective health solutions based on Ayurveda and Indian traditions. Third, we believe in KARMA. Our Team share their expertise with customers and empower them to take care of their own health with the best and most natural solutions.

5 reviews for Soonth Powder (Homemade)

  1. Sathvik

    This spice adds extra taste to my boring curry not to mention the smell it gives is so good

  2. Ditya

    the aroma alone is so good…i use this to marinade my meat and adds a unique flavor to it

  3. Trisha Ray

    My gravies taste extra special with this gingery masala

  4. Tanamay

    I used this in my stew and it made the stew so warm and cozy

  5. Samriddhi

    The gingery taste is perfect for adding the taste in not so delicious sabzi

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Can we take dry ginger powder daily?
Although there's no set daily limit for ginger intake, it's generally regarded as safe in any amount. Yet, it's crucial to be mindful of your daily powdered ginger consumption. Consuming more than 4 grams per day may lead to mild heartburn.
Is dried ginger good for kidneys?
Many studies indicate that ginger has been shown to enhance pathological conditions such as cytotoxicity resulting from hyperglycemia, cell apoptosis, and bleeding in the cortical area of the kidney, thereby aiding in kidney repair and restoring membrane integrity and structural stability in renal tissue.
Can I drink ginger powder at night?
Having ginger before going to bed might aid in decreasing inflammation and potentially enhancing the quality of sleep. It's important to acknowledge that ginger acts as a natural stimulant, which could lead to a stimulating effect on the body.
Does ginger powder lower blood sugar?
Ginger has been observed to regulate the release of insulin. It enhances glucose clearance in peripheral tissues responsive to insulin, playing a vital role in stabilizing blood glucose levels. Additionally, reports are indicating that 6-gingerol boosts glucose uptake in insulin-responsive adipocytes.

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