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Natural Sweetner

Pure Wild Honey (Multifloral & Raw)

(5 customer reviews)


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Reasons To Love

  • Collected From forest
  • No Sugar and colours
  • Rich in taste and antioxidants
  • No Adulteration, Preservatives and chemicals
  • Its good for health, skin and hair too
  • Non pasteurized & Unprocessed

About Product

Sweet and Healthy! This Unprocessed Raw honey is harvested from the dense forests of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Extracted from the wild beehives, this honey is the most popular pure wild honey (Multifloral & Raw) According to Ayurveda, honey from the forests is considered to have the maximum healing properties. According to modern researchers, dark honey from the forests contains the maximum antioxidants in it. Wild Honey from Honey & Spice fits both these descriptions and is a definite healing superfood.

1. This is completely unprocessed and raw honey collected from the forest, so you can find difference in taste and colour
2. Due to the natural moisture content of the honey, some foam may form on the top layer
3. Sometimes the honey crystallises (Its Not sugar its property of Honey) and can be melted in a hot water bath (maximum temperature: 52 degrees Celsius)
4. Raw Honey is not recommened for children below age 2 years (Consult with doctor)

Pure Unprocessed raw honey
Three things that make us unique: First, we source our ingredients directly from farmers across India to ensure the best quality. Second, we go beyond just selling products by providing a platform for safe and effective health solutions based on Ayurveda and Indian traditions. Third, we believe in KARMA. Our Team share their expertise with customers and empower them to take care of their own health with the best and most natural solutions.

5 reviews for Pure Wild Honey (Multifloral & Raw)

  1. Samriddhi

    This is so delicious, using a spoon of it with warm water daily morning, just makes my day

  2. Abhinav

    This tastes so amazing, i use it in my honey chilli potatoes and it is divine

  3. Rajesh Joshi

    Perfect for drizzling on toast or yogurt, pure and flavorful honey.

  4. Ananya Desai

    I use it daily for its incredible flavor and health benefits. Perfect for sweetening anything from smoothies to desserts.

  5. Priya Gupta

    This honey is absolutely delicious! It has a rich, complex flavor that’s unlike any store-bought honey I’ve ever had. This honey is so much more than just a breakfast spread. A spoonful in my tea or coffee adds just the right amount of sweetness without any guilt.

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Is organic honey the same as raw honey?
Organic honey and raw honey have distinct meanings. While honey labelled as organic may still undergo heating during processing, raw honey may lack organic certification if the flowers bees foraged from weren't organic.
How to know if honey is pure?
Mix a tablespoon of honey into a glass of water. Pure honey will clump together and settle at the bottom, resisting dissolution. But, if the honey dissolves quickly and blends evenly with the water, it could suggest adulteration, possibly with added moisture or syrups.
Does raw honey help weight loss?
Fructose, which is particularly abundant in honey, aids in weight loss. Unlike other sugars, it is metabolized in a way that it is used for energy rather than being stored as fat. So, fructose from honey can help curb cravings, regulate blood sugar levels, and keep you feeling full longer.
Is honey healthy to eat daily?
Adding two tablespoons of honey to your daily diet can provide health benefits like antioxidants, improved wound healing, and anti-inflammatory effects.

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