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Rock Salt – Why it’s good over refined salt? Its Benefits and uses

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We know that without salt there is no taste to food. It is necessary part of our diet which helps us to maintain our health. In Ayurveda it is mentioned that rock salt is best form of salt and which can be consumed daily. Rock Salt is commonly known as Sendha Namak, Sainhav Lavana, Pink salt or Himalayan salt

But still there are lot of confusion and questions in rock salt consumption so here we will understand ayurvedic prospective of rock salt and its health benefits and its uses. So you can buy the best and healthy salt for you.

Ayurveda and Rock Salt

Rock salt is one of the oldest and best forms of salt which is explained in Ayurveda. Ayurveda appreciates rock salt a lot. Lavana salt is widely described in Ayurvedic classics. Different varieties are used in different settings household uses for seasoning foodstuffs, pickles, preserving food items, and pharmaceutical uses like purification processes. Ayurveda says that

रोचनं दीपनं वृष्यं चक्षुष्यं विदाहीच।  

त्रिदोषघ्नं समधुरं सैन्धवं लवणोत्रयं।।

It means that Rock is good for digestion, it improves appetite and taste. It acts as an aphrodisiac. Rock salt is categorized by some ayurvedic healers as a Sattvic food, helping to nurture the spirit.

How rock is formed?

Rock salt is a compound of different minerals in it. It’s also known as mineral halite. It is formed by the evaporation of salty water like seawater which has sodium and chloride ions. As the sea evaporated, the halite became very concentrated, and thick layers gradually built up on the sea floor. Over time, the salt was buried under layers of other sediment and rock, which compacted it and prevented it from dissolving in the rain. This process takes millions of years.  Hence in its unprocessed form, it is completely natural, clean, and free of any toxic pollutants and chemical additives – just like nature intended.

This natural wonder is composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl), along with 84 out of the 92 trace elements required by the body including potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and copper. Generally, light reddish pink in color, it has rough crystals that have a mild earthy flavor.

Can we use rock salt in daily cooking?

Ayurveda mention there are 5 different types of salts in which Saindha Lavan I.e. Rock salt is best for daily consumption. Rock salt, often referred to as “nature’s gift” or “the purest form of salt,” is a fascinating mineral that has captivated human civilizations for centuries. With its rich history, diverse applications, and unique health benefits, rock salt continues to be cherished as a valuable resource across the world. So we can say that it’s safe to use rock salt for daily cooking.

Does rock salt fulfill my daily Iodine Intake?

This is a tricky part because everyone knows that generally, iodine deficiency occurs in the tropical region (Higher altitude or far from water). Rock salt has a minute amount of Iodine in it. To meet the recommended daily intake of iodine it is best to consume iodine from a variety of foods, particularly seafood, dairy products, and leafy green vegetables Rather than consuming chemically loaded refined salt. And don’t worry because rock salt keeps you healthy as its 100% Natural.

Rock salt health benefits (References of Ayurveda)

 Weight loss:

According to ayurveda, rock salt is a fat burner. It improves metabolism in the body inhibits cravings for foods. The fat burner effect of rock salt is due to trace minerals present in it. However, its effect on eliminating fat is not significant, but you can use it as supportive therapy in weight loss. It also helps to remove dead fat cells.

Improves appetite:

Rock Salt has digestive stimulant properties, which might be due to its trace minerals. It promotes digestion and improves appetite. In Ayurveda, Sendha Namak is used with black pepper, ginger, long pepper, and cinnamon to improve appetite.

Helps regulate blood pressure:

Rock salt has a relatively lower sodium content compared to common table salt due to its larger crystal size. For individuals suffering from High Blood pressure or looking to moderate their sodium intake, rock salt may be a healthy alternative.

Improves hydration levels in the body:

Adding a pinch of mineral-rich rock salt to your normal drinking water can make it more absorbable by the body, helping to replenish the electrolytes lost through sweating and urination.

Joint Pain and body stiffness

Rock salt is used in many medicines for getting relief from join pain body stiffness in different form of medicines which can be used externally. For joint pain it is effective because it helps to balance Vata Dosha in body.

Rock Salt in India’s Culture & Tradition

Rock salt holds significant cultural and religious importance in our country, deeply ingrained in the country’s heritage and traditions.

 Sacred and Ritualistic Uses:

In Hindu rituals, rock salt is often used for purification and as an offering during ceremonies. It is believed that the purity of rock salt helps cleanse spaces and energies, making it a preferred choice for spiritual practices.

Positive energy in house:

In Many Hindu literatures it’s mentioned that rock salt is useful to maintain positive energy because of its purity. You can add a pinch of salt in your bathing water it will help you to get relief from stress and negativity. Also using rock salt for wiping out the floor will help to maintain a positive energy house. 

Fasting and Religious Practices:

The use of rock salt during these periods adheres to religious guidelines while providing essential nutrients to sustain the body during the fasting period. During religious fasting, many people use rock salt as a dietary alternative to common table salt. It is especially prominent during festivals like Navratri, and Shravan Upwas where devotees fast as a form of devotion and self-restraint.

Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine:

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, rock salt is valued for its therapeutic properties. It is believed to balance the body’s doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and support overall well-being. Ayurvedic practitioners use rock salt in various medicinal formulations for digestive ailments, skin conditions, and respiratory issues.


So here we can conclude that the ‘Rock salt (Sendha Namak, Sainhav), is best choice for you considering health point of view, it is natural, unrefined, and unique and loaded with minerals that offers numerous culinary, health, and cultural benefits. Its distinctive flavors, natural mineral composition, and cultural significance make it a valued treasure in Indian households and rituals. So Lets switch your refined salt with a healthy cooking salt i.e. Rock salt today.

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