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What are Cold Pressed Oils and how are they made

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Oil and Ghee | 0 comments

Cold pressing (Ghani) is a mechanical procedure in which the manufacturer extracts and separates the oil from the Oil seeds with no chemical, Heat intervention, and inclusion of any addictive or chemical substances at a temperature that will not exceed above 35 to 37. The term cold pressing consists of the word “cold” meaning low temperature in the surroundings, and “pressing” is an act of force or pressure application to shape, squeeze or flatten something. This procedure allows the required nutrients and minerals to be retained within the oil since there are no external heat applications.

It is one of the best traditional and healthiest ways to make oils, which consists of an adequate amount of nutrients, and the body can absorb it with no difficulty, and which is definitely best for health. The Cold-Pressed oils include a pretty distinctive taste and give a unique flavor to every cuisine. Although these oils are prepared traditionally for decades, they have gained popularity among people in recent years because of their health benefits compared to ‘Refined oils’. Since then, Cold-Pressed oils are highly welcomed by the people in their kitchen.

How is Cold Pressed Oils made?

From the above segment, you already know what Cold-Pressed oils are and how are they different from refined oil. In this section, we will be sharing the process of making the Cold-Pressed oils below.

Cold-Pressed oils are obtained by pressing the seeds through a Wood or Metal press which is traditionally known as Ghani Machine Depending on the seed’s shell toughness. This high pressure will create a bit of heat (35 to 37.) through the friction and extract the oil, then extracted oil is kept in vessels for Sedimentation (Vedic filtration) for 24 Hours, and healthy oil enriched with antioxidants, proteins, lecithin, and vitamins is packed.

Are Cold Pressed Oils Beneficial for Health?

Cold-Pressed oils retain the antioxidants and nutrients due to its traditional way of making. Antioxidants help in combating the free radicals that destroy the cells in the body. Most Cold-Pressed oils are full of vitamin E with healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. These oils also include a high amount of oleic acid that boosts the immune system. According to the researchers, we can use Groundnut, Sunflower, Coconut, Sesame, Mustard, and Safflower oil for cooking. With less amount of oil, more varieties of foods can cook easily.

Advantages of Cold Pressed Oils

The Benefits of implementing Cold-Pressed oils in your diet are mentioned as follows.

  • Full of essential vitamins and antioxidants like phosphaticles and tocopherols
  • No Harmful Chemicals or preservatives
  • Loaded with Vitamin-E
  • Includes anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which prevent any infection spread in the body
  • A high Vitamin-C source that penetrates inside the skin and improves the skin health
  • Boost and enhance the power of the immunity system due to oleic acid presence
  • The oils contain a high amount of fatty acids, which are highly significant for health and improve brain function, and have cancer-fighting characteristics
  • Balances the blood pressure levels, thus preventing hypertension or hypotension
  • Free from any bad cholesterol
  • Do not contain any poisonous solvent residues, preservatives, or chemicals
  • Retains the natural odor and flavor that enhances the taste of the recipes


From the health perspective, there is no doubt Cold-Pressed oils are a clear winner over refined oils. Since these oils include no or minimal refinement, they have become the first preference of most people. These oils also offer a myriad of advantages to the skin, health, and hair. Hopefully, after reading this write-up, you have got all your answer related to what Cold-Pressed oils are and why it is beneficial to switch to them from regular refined oils.

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